Dr. Reckeweg Alfalfa Tonic 500ml (General Tonic- Energizes vital functions)

General Tonic- Energizes vital functions


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Feeling of exhaustion and anxiety due to overwork and worry rapidly subside and general physical improvement in the patient very shortly appears.

Acidum Phos: Physical and mental exhaustion, impotence, pollutions, lack of concentration, apathy, sleepiness during day time.

Avena sativa: Neurasthenia, mental overstrain, sexual debility, rich in vitamins and minerals.

Calcium phos: Deficiency in calcium production and perturbation of the growth of the bones.

China : General tonic after loss of humours and exhaustion, illnesses, impotence thereafter.

Cinnamomum: Convalescence, presents all kinds of bleedings.

Ginseng: Its excellent roborant result is due to vitamin D1, and B2 (Thyamine and Riboflavine) as well as to its mineral ingredients with high content of sulphur.

Hydrastis: General tonic in illness-related weight reduction, exhaustion, hyposthenia.

Magnesium phos: Stabilization of the central nervous system, pains and cramps in nerves and muscles, neuralgia.

Medicago sativa (alfalfa): Contains amino acids, which are indispensable for the bodily structure.

Nux Vomica: Stabilization of cramps in nerves. 
– Adults one tablespoon, children one teaspoonful 3 times daily before meals


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