The Osho Collection: The meaning of Life

Has life any meaning? Osho in this talk analyzes in depth this eternal, life question, saying: *I am an existentialist. And I say to you that life is neither meaningful nor meaningless. The question is irrelevant. Life is just an opportunity, an opening. It depends what you make of it. It depends on you what meaning, what color, what song, what poetry, what dance you give to it*.


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Subtitles: English, Spanish & Portuguese.
Languaje: English, 78 min. aprox.
Extras:- Booklet with text -Exclusive Interview with OSHO (9 of 10) -Osho: Meditation (4 of 5) -Osho: I don not have a biography (3 of 6) -Experiences from the OSHO International Meditation Resort


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