The Osho Collection: Watch and Wait

According to Osho something like ‘peace of mind’ has never existed. Peace of mind is intrinsically impossible. Peace can only happen when mind is not. In this beautiful response to a question about meditation and relaxation Osho shows us the whole drama of the mind – how we get identified with things which are simply not our reality. When there is only a watcher and nothing to watch, suddenly everything becomes calm and quiet.


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Subtitles: English, Spanish & Portuguese.
Languaje: English, 99 min. aprox.
Extras:- Booklet with text -Exclusive Interview with OSHO (4 of 10) -Osho: Meditation (4 of 5) -Osho: I don not have a biography (2 of 6) -Experiences from the OSHO International Meditation Resort


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